Raise Hope Foundation provides an unprecedented combination of training programs for its trainees that best prepares each individual for rewarding and competitive full-time or part-time employment in financial services.

Financial Training Financial Services Academy
The Financial Services Academy (FSA) was created by the Center for Financial Training (CFT) specifically for Raise Hope Foundation as a 14-week, 45 hour program that is conducted at Rutgers Business School in Newark, NJ. FSA was designed to provide the essentials of financial services and prepare individuals seeking employment in the industry, including military veterans and those with disabilities.

The FSA curriculum covers a broad spectrum of topics that provide an understanding of the banking world and its culture. Subjects include: Becoming a High-Performance Team (3 hours), Essentials of Banking (6 hours), Power Writing for Business (3 hours), Managing Time in the 21st Century Workplace (3 hours), Customer Service (6 hours), Sales (6 hours), Teller Overview (6 hours), Presentation Skills (6 hours) and Personal Leadership (3 hours.)

Three senior training consultants were selected to design, develop, and conduct the FSA curriculum: Susan Mach, Ph.D., Mach Creative, Inc., Cynthia S. Rowan, Ph.D., Performance Management Solutions, Inc., and Jamie Schenck, Training Dynamics, Inc. Each of these dynamic and experienced instructors brings a wealth of expertise to students seeking entry into the world of financial services.

The Center for Financial Training (CFT) is a not-for-profit education and training organization offering financial related college level courses, training programs, products and services to the financial services community for over 100 years. Headquartered in Norwich, Connecticut, CFT has regional offices in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri and Ohio.

CFT's mission and vision is to provide job-specific training to financial professionals; engage high-quality faculty and trainers to conduct education and training programs; secure the highest accreditation for program delivery; and remain a cutting-edge resource in education, training, and consulting services.

Life Skills Training Life Skills Training
Considering that the overwhelming majority of military veterans and people with disabilities have never worked a full-time or part-time job and managed their lives simultaneously creates the need for RHF's Work-Life Balance Training program. It is a 14-week, 14-hour webinar-based program with a focus on personal empowerment for each one of its participants.

Created and developed by Scott Chesney, President of RHF and a motivational speaker and life coach to over one million people in 38 countries, this engaging series of webinars brings clarity and if needed, resolution, to the various issues that prevent people from living their lives to the fullest, both personally and professionally. A paraplegic himself for over 28 years, Chesney connects with each of the trainees individually and collectively as a team.

Program topics include: Creating and Reacting to Change, Leveraging Fear, Effective Time Management, Managing Your Emotions, Becoming a Communicator-in-Charge, Becoming a Highly Effective Communicator and Listener, Making Peace with the Past, Courageous Leadership, Effective Goal and Standard Setting, Sustainable Stress Management, Maintaining Energy and Drive, Public Speaking and Selling Yourself.